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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Street Parking in San Francisco - Ticket or No Ticket? Pay Meter or Not? on Mon February 16, 2015 Presidents Day

How to Take Advantage of Street Parking Rules in San Francisco on Monday February 16, 2015 Presidents Day

Street parking rules in San Francisco can be enforced and not enforced depending on the national holiday.  Take advantage of knowing the rules to get the parking spot that you need in San Francisco.

For Monday February 16, 2015 in San Francisco, some rules will NOT be enforced.  Below is a list of street rules and a description of whether the rule is enforced.

Commuter Tow Away Rules - Not Enforced

Commuter Tow Away rules will NOT be enforced.  Take advantage of this and park your car in what usually is a tow away zone.  Make sure to read the sign so that you don't confuse "Commuter Tow Away" with any other kind of tow away.  Receiving a ticket and towing fees can cost you $500+ so be careful.

Non-"Everyday" Street Cleaning Rules - Not Enforced

Street Cleaning rules that are NOT "Everyday" will NOT be enforced.  Take advantage of this and park your car in what usually is a street cleaning violation of $64.  Make sure to read the sign so that you don't park at a street that is cleaned "Everyday".  "Everyday" cleaning rules for streets such as Market Street will be enforced.

Everyday Street Cleaning Rules - Enforced

Street Cleaning rules for streets that are cleaned "Everyday" will be enforced.  Do NOT park there.  You will be ticketed.  

Residential Street Parking Rules - Not Enforced

The hourly limit rules for residential parking will not be enforced.  Visitors to San Francisco, can easily visit friends and spend more than the usual limit of 2 hours.  A ticket for violating this rule is $74.  Because this rule will not be enforced, take advantage of this and leisurely spend time in San Francisco.  This is FREE parking for the entire day.  Park at a residential spot for free instead of paying for parking.

Metered Street Parking - Enforced

You're going to have to pay for metered parking and all rules that apply to the metered spot will be enforced.  Please respect all rules that apply on a typical day; pay the meter and leave the spot before your time limit expires.

Are you wondering now what national holidays have similar types of exceptions?   If you are, then review a table of all national holiday street enforcement rules here:


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